Dizzy by Emmett Williams
Poetry has been my dream for more than 30 years. After 20 years in the military, College, Three Beautiful Children, Two Divorces and Finding Jesus again, I made a decision to pursue ”My” dream. I write songs and play several guitars but Poetry has always been a First Love.I actually wake up some nights just to compose the thoughts on my mind into poetry.
Dizzy by Emmett Williams

My vision is simple and conveys the essence of the moment without complex motions to display artistry reminiscent of past masters. In short, I tell it like I see it, as you would imagine it, as we have all lived it.I started playing Guitar at eight years old. I improved over the years and found myself in a band by the age of fourteen. Making money was a plus but for me, the beauty of making words and music combined to produce a feeling was the true beauty. I listened to everybody no matter what the style. I married at the age of seventeen much too early to be mature enough to handle what was coming my way. I wrote to escape at first believing that by writing my troubles down and throwing them away, I could rid myself of the pain found in life. How Naïve I was. But the innocence was captured on paper and I decided to keep them. Poetry was always a favorite to read in any book I found in the house. My parents had every encyclopedia and science book on the market, in our house. My Brother and I spent hours reading and sharing everything in them.

By the end of my Second marriage I started to feel as though I was the blame for everything that came my way. That was totally wrong. I wasn’t to blame. But at the time you are going through bad times. You focus on self-pity, the fantasies on Television, Books, and Movies etc. Nothing is real, but the pain in your heart and head. It’s hard to tell anyone how you feel or what you want to do. But what they do see is what you are doing while you suffer. I wanted to write it down and put it away. While doing this, I found Jesus again! I thought I knew what to do, but after reading the Prayer Of Jabez, My whole life changed. I started reading the Bible furiously looking for answers. Instead of transposing these words of wisdom into another form of worship, I took a laymen’s approach to what I understood after reading and wrote it down. Looking around, in my travels, I wrote the experiences down of everything that happened to me, you, other people, etc. I hope you can appreciate my attempt to reveal what’s “ Inside my Heart”.

Michael Anthony Booker Sr.

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